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Night Trackers and Night Trackers "SPOT" are excellent for:


  • Safety! Night Trackers are excellent safety devices to be worn by pets, hunters, outdoorsmen, kids, hikers, bikers or walkers going to and from their destination in darkness.
  • Making great location markers for broken down ATV's and snowmobiles riding at night.
  • Fire fighters, police officers, and emergency services for roadside safety.
  • Allowing other motorists to see you on the side of the road at night when changing a flat tire.
  • Game recovery point markers.
  • Marking reference points to help hunters project the wounded game's line of possible travel.
  • Saving crucial time in tracking your wounded game.
  • Trick or Treaters.
  • School Crossing guards.
  • School children waiting for the bus.
  • Kayak port/starboard markers.
  • Night time evidence markers for Police and Department of Natural Resources officers.
  • Dock locator for the night time fisherman.
  • Camp markers
  • Woods entry and exit beacons.
  • Night time pet locators.
  • Skateboarders.
  • Concert lights.
  • Car locator in busy parking lots.
  • Lighting up you and your "game" as you are leaving the woods.
  • Boating emergency lights.
  • Lighting up you and you pet for that night time walk.
  • To light up your car to locate it in a dark parking lot.
  • Ice fishermen's "tip-up" markers.
  • Boat fishermen's planer board markers.








Night Trackers will "LIGHT YOU UP"



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